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This is me:)

A UX Designer based in Hyderabad, India. I work on projects in UI/UX Design, visual design, branding & identity, app design and UX research. I am passionate about creating user experiences, design systems and visual identities that are user-centered, sustainable and equity-focused. Because it's fun and fulfilling to find solutions to convoluted design challenges that not only solve the problem but are also enjoyable and usable. I am open to freelance projects, consultations or any part-time requirements. So, hit me up if you have any tricky unconventional problem to solve!

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My Resume

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Currently freelancing independently as The SH Designs.

Previously worked with Pastels Salon, Madi Things, Razor Corp, Seven Spring, Boring Commerce, Beyond Ads and Mountainor Wellbeing. I help teams turn their ideas into a living brand.

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